New company

ds30 Loader is now sold by DigSol Sweden AB. DigSol Sweden AB is a brand new company and not just a name change of MG Digital Solutions.

MPLAB X IDE support

All boot loader are now delivered with both MPLAB IDE and MPLAB X IDE project files.

USB boot loaders

MG Digital Solutions are pleased to announce that the boot loader product portfolio now includes USB boot loaders for the PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC33 and PIC32 families.

Native MAC OS X ds30 Loader End-user GUI

The ds30 Loader End-user GUI is now available as a MAC OS X native binary. The GUI is customized with your company name, product name and logotype. Contact MG Digital Solutions for more information.

Native clients

MG Digital Solutions extends the ds30 Loader boot loader product portfolio even more. Now we can offer native command line applications for Windows x86, Linux x86, Linux Arm, and MAC OS X x86. The new applications support all current ds30 Loader boot loaders, from PIC12 to PIC32, secure and non secure versions.


Unfortunately the ds30 Loader website has been down for a few days. It has been fixed now and measures has been taken to ensure that coming downtimes will minimized.