ds30 Loader

ds30 Loader is a boot loader that supports the following of Microchip’s microcontroller families:

  • PIC12F
  • PIC16F
  • PIC18F
  • PIC24F
  • PIC24H
  • PIC24E
  • dsPIC30F
  • dsPIC33F
  • dsPIC33E
  • PIC32MX
  • PIC32MZ
  • PIC32MM

Main features

  • UART, CAN or USB communication
  • Writes flash, EEPROM, and configuration registers
  • Rarely needs linker script modification
  • Graphical host applications available for Windows
  • Command line host applications available for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Performs write verification in firmware
  • Boot loader is protected from being overwritten
  • .NET and C APIs are available

Usage example


The ds30 Loader .NET API is a powerful yet easy to use a API to add boot loader functionality to a .NET application. It supports UART and CAN operation, secure and standard boot loaders.

The .NET API is delivered with one C# sample application, one VB.NET sample application, a usage description and a complete reference documentation.

Host applications

A wide range of host applications are available. The boot loader includes two .NET clients; one graphical UI and one console application. They run on Windows, Linux and macOS.

A native console application can be purchased separately. It is available for Windows x86/64, Linux x86/64/Arm/PowerPC/MIPS and macOS x64.


End-user GUI

The ds30 Loader end-user GUI is a very easy to use ds30 Loader client that is suitable for distribution to end-users. It is customized with your product name, company name, and company logotype.

The application consist of a single executable file for ease of distribution. It supports all the settings that are available in the ordinary ds30 Loader GUI. Both standard and secure firmware are supported.

It is available as a .NET application that runs on Windows. It may also work in Linux using the Mono framework, contact us to get the latest information.



ds30 Loader – main manual

ds30 Loader – firmware manual

ds30 Loader – gui manual

ds30 Loader – console manual

Package content

  • Target firmware for a single PIC/dsPIC.
  • Host applications, .NET GUI and command line applications that runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Documentation.
  • HEX file encryption utility with secure version.


ds30 Loader boot loader package
  Standard Secure
UART € 200 € 350
CAN, USB € 300 € 450
CAN FD € 400 € 550
.NET API € 200
Native API (C lib) € 200 / per system
End-user GUI (.NET) € 200 one system
€ 400 Windows/Linux/OS X
Native console UART € 100
Native console CAN € 200
ds32 HEX Merger € 50